Franklinia alatahama - Ben Franklin Tree
Franklinia alatamaha drawning     Franklinia being visited by bees - 2007
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Background is "Cosmic Latte". "Approximate color of the cosmos, as indicated by the 2 degree field survey of some 250,000 galaxies." Science News, and The Cosmic Spectrum and the Color of the Universe By Karl Glazebrook & Ivan Baldry.

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GPS Visualizer Locate an address on Google or Bing map, with latitude and longitude.    Brainy Zip Zip Codes by the states.

MapQuest Gas Prices for 08055 - change zip to suit
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Gas Price for 08055 - change zip or enter city, state
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Gas Buddy Prices for 08055 - change zip to suit
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National Weather Service
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Active Forest Fire Map      Drought Map      Flood Warning Systems     Sea Surface Temperatures

Real-Time Earthquake Map     The National Map Viewer

AirNow - Air Quality      Alaska's Aurora Forecast     American Horticultural Society Plant Heat Map     Current Stream Flows
Lake Powell Info     Plant Hardiness Map      Space Weather

Misc Information Sites       Portal to US Government information on Climate, Enegry, Weather, and other areas.    
Summer in 1,001 Cities in the year 2100      Global Forest Change   Interactivity University of Maryland: Forest changes 2000 to 2012     The Climate-Friendly Gardener

John Walkenbach - Excel - NoMacros    Compare Weather Info between 2 cities
Fourmilab The Sky Now     set your location, etc below map, OR  Customize and Bookmark for later use     Find your latitude & longitude from street address, and more

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